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"Нанометалл сошёл с ума и жрёт людей!" (с)
А пост набора у нас будет?

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Кто здесь?!

Joe [Flanigan]: For the record, for the record, He (Paul) is the guy with the hair gel. It’s like a chemical plant! You cannot believe how much stuff he puts in his hair. For the record… *imitates Paul’s voice* my god he’s a handsome fellow!
Paul [McGillion]: For the record… Joe had a beautiful lady, on set, following him with a mirror, around so he could fix his hair. For the record. … It was David Hewlett holding the mirror.
Joe: True.

- from a panel at HalfWay Convention in Marseille, 29-30 October 2011

Што есть Хьюлиган
Кто есть Хьюлетт
Кто есть Флениган

Любые герои Фленигана с любыми героями Хьюлетта (кроме МакШепа) и РПС - все это ВТФ Хьюлиган 2015.

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WTF Hewligan 2015